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Итоги сезона от Queen Charlotte Lodge

QCL e-news September 2013

30 September 2013

Планируете рыбалку на 2014? Надо принимать решение уже сейчас!

Места в Queen Charlotte Lodge всегда раскупаются очень быстро, но в этот сезон количество клиентов, которые уезжаю выкупили свое путешествие на следующий год было особенно велико. На сегодня, 30 сентября, выкуплено уже 55% мест на следующий сезон. Даты и стоимость тура вы можете увидеть на страничке лоджа: http://www.fishingcanada.ru/index.php/fishing-in-canada/fishing-lodges-canada/queen-charlotte-lodge.
Не затягивайте с решением, обращайтесь к нам и мы подберем нужный тур для вас и ваших друзей. Наши услуги бесплатны для вас! Нашу работу оплачивает лодж.

Сезон одним словом?.....Потрясающе!

Well it’s over already, the amazing summer of 2013 has come and gone and we’re all back down south, adjusting to life in the real world! (The summer commute is much nicer than the winter one, that’s for sure!) Naden Harbour has returned to its peaceful splendor with the migrating geese overhead and the local salmon finally making their way up the local streams to spawn. The bears are there waiting, along with the eagles, to gorge themselves on the expired fish. Around the lodge property, the locals emerge from the woods after staying out of sight over the busy summer; otters, martens, bears and raccoons keeping the caretakers company through the “off-season.”

The fishing season was just fantastic. The very pleasant weather combined with moderate summer winds to provide comfortable fishing conditions throughout the season. We had very few days this year with any restrictions on the fishing grounds. Fishing in 2013 was outstanding, maybe not as much for the big fish we’re renowned for, but for the consistency of the catch. The hallmark of this season has to be the 18-20 pound Chinook – there really wasn’t a day this summer when you couldn’t go out and catch a couple of these fantastic game fish. They’re so strong and athletic that they’re always exciting to catch, heavy enough to test your skills and provide just the perfect size filet for the ultimate salmon dinner!

Of course salmon anglers always want to get a chance at a Tyee and there was plenty of opportunity out there. Interestingly many of the biggest salmon of the summer were caught in June this year, and the season’s largest - a 66 pounder for Nate Schwartz - was landed on June 25th off the kelp at Yatze. Close behind Nate was a 63 pounder for Neil Lassesen on July 11th, boated off the north side of Shag Rock. The Haida Gwaii Recreational Fishery Report confirmed our feeling that the overall Chinook numbers were by far the best since 2004. We enjoyed steady coho fishing right from mid-June through to Labour day and the halibut fishery was consistent as always, with 28 halibut over 60 pounds released over the summer and loads of nice "chickens" going home with happy anglers.

Fish QCL in 2014

Сезон 2014 в фотографиях... посетите галерею лоджа!

While the QCL website is full of photographs, there's just no way to show off all the great shots we get each summer! But there is a place where you can see a good selection of them, visit the QCL Shooter page on flickr.com/photos/qclshooter/sets

Shooter's library on Flickr


Обед на корабле Driftwood - новый опыт этого сезона!

Last winter we did some major renovations on the Driftwood and we're happy to say that they were very well received on board this summer! Our guests loved the new facility, lots of seating, shelter from the weather, tasty grilled lunches and hearty chilli & chowder. The staff on the Driftwood did an awesome job, providing their usual friendly service.

Fish QCL in 2014

Lunchtime on the Driftwood!

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